Arizona Mold Damage Removal & Remediation Specialists

The Phoenix mold damage removal specialists at ASAP Restoration, LLC can help you with all of your mold issues in your home or business property. We can completely remove all areas containing mold contamination quickly and properly. Do not attempt to remove the mold on your own because of the health risks involved. Our team of Phoenix mold removal specialists are highly trained, experienced and IICRC Certified to remove mold. There is a process involved in mold damage removal.

In order to remove the mold, the process requires an inspection and test. Once the mold damage has been properly assessed, we can then begin the removal process. There are various types of mold contamination and that must be determined prior to any portion of the removal process. Phoenix mold removal experts at ASAP Restoration can provide a Phoenix mold services at rates you can afford.

In order to properly remove the mold from your property, our Phoenix mold removal specialists must identify all areas of contamination and isolate these areas in order to prevent further contamination. This happens once the Phoenix mold testing facility has identified the type of mold that exists in your property. We use the best industry equipment and chemicals in order to properly remove the mold. Mold damage can destroy drywall, ceilings, and stick to flooring, as well as hidden areas of the home or property.

Mold residue can grow and create mold spores which is caused by moisture or humidity in wet areas of the property that were originally caused by Phoenix water damage.